Gatsiva: learn, analyze, monitor, and predict equity, fx, and cryptocurrency price movements

Based on over 10 years of research in genetic algorithms and financial models, Gatsiva provides a fundamentally different approach to uncovering new insights about how markets behave and trade.

What is Gatsiva?

Gatsiva is an API and analysis platform that provides access to sets of models, learning algorithms, and insights that can empower traders by tracking specific events and providing statistics or guidance on the validity of various trading approaches.

API Driven

Build your own tools using our API. Our insights are accessible from your own analysis and visualization tools.


Early adopters are shaping our features.
Collaboration is currently closed but may re-open in the future.

Powered by evolution

Our proprietary engine finds unique signals using genetic algorithms and evolutionary computing processes.

Core Features

Natural Language

Forget learning difficult-to-remember terms. Our Gatsiva Language Definition will allow you to quickly and easily create market events for analysis or notification.


Don't like our tools? You can help us improve them or write your own. Our API is accessible from your own tools and visualizations.


When our algorithms find something interesting, know first by joining our collaboration platform or read our prior cryptocurrency insight articles on Medium.

Visual Data

Visualize data within our sample dashboards or build your own. We'll even help you get started with example projects.

Explore Our Recently Analyses

Recently published articles using our technology are available here.

Validating a Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy

A use-case and walkthrough of how we used the Gatsiva API to evaluate a proposed trading strategy for 0x (ZRX).


Trading Cryptocurrency with Confidence Bands

Creating confidence interval bands that add value to technical trading analysis for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Do Technical Indicators Really Work on Cryptocurrencies?

We set out to find out whether or not certain technical indicators have any value in predicting any upside or downside performance.


Hourly Trading Indicators for Cryptocurrencies

Utilizing hourly data to analyze technical indicator signals appears to have some value for a select few coins, but not all.


Example Use Cases

Code or programmer: Gatsiva can be used in many different ways. Here are a few examples to get you started.

Cryptocurrency Price Tracker


This example project utilizes the Gatsiva API to check for certain events defined in that Gatsiva Language to occur. When they do, it will send an email with current values of various technical indicators.

Run this yourself or build and extend by forking in Github.

View on Github

Returns Analysis Visualization


This example project visualizes the returns after an event by utilizing the Gatsiva API returns analysis transaction. Results are rendered with the the Dash interactive Python framework developed by Plotly.

Try our sample or run yourself and extend by forking in Github.

View on Github

Example Jupyter Notebooks

Python Jupyter

This set of Jupyter notebooks illustrate how to use the core functionality of the Gatsiva API and demonstrate some of the analysis that can be accomplished by utilizing the tools we provide.

A good starting point for building your own analyses.

View on Github

Note: To utilize these examples, you must have a Gatsiva API key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to the basics before you get started

What is Gatsiva?

Gatsiva is a platform purpose built to learn, analyze, and monitor events associated with time series data. It is based upon a decade of research in applying genetic algorithms and analytic models to equity markets.

At its core, Gatsiva is a set of analytics models and learning algorithms front-ended by an API that is being redesign for public use. In addition, Gatsiva is a set of market intelligence tools and insights to help educate traders on which strategies are working and which are not.

How do I use Gatsiva?

Today there are two ways to utilize Gatsiva.

1) For coders and tinkerers, we provide a web-accessible API that speaks JSON. In addition, we provide sample dashboards and projects in various languages to help you get started.

2) For trading enthusiasts, you can follow us on Medium to read our insights and updates, or utilize some of our sample visualizations as they get released to the public.

What advantage is there to being an early collaborator?

Early collaborators get unlimited access to the current platform as well as access to our development forum to help us shape and design new products and services. We believe in a "value for value" model - early access to our platform in return for insights on what works and what doesn't.

How is this different from a trading forum?

We are fundamentally different from a typical trading forum. We seek thoughtful, analytics based approaches to this market: debunking or supporting market held norms and dogma and uncovering new insights about how this market operates.

In addition, unlike a trading forum, we are inviting a subset of users to work directly with us to help drive the features that matter. In support of this goal, we've created a shared collaboration platform where users and coders can interact directly with each other.

How can I participate?

We are currently limiting access to a small group of people interested in helping to develop better visualizations and shape our API.

Do I need to be a coder to use Gatsiva?

No, not necessarily. We are also publishing dashboards, services, and written insights in order to get user feedback. If you have a strong opinion and can articulate it well, we'd welcome you to collaborate with us.

Is this an ICO or token sale?

No. Gatsiva is a service that supports analyzing markets, including cryptocurrencies, and is not planning an ICO. At this stage there is no need for such a funding structure or additional capital.